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Your one-call transport and shipping solution is here!

Rest assured, if a your loved one dies 100 miles or more away from home you won't have to worry about coordinating transportation back the cost of transporting them home is covered.
We can coordinate the transport from any part of the world. We oversee the entire process, regardless of the distance involved, so that the sensitivities of the survivors are fully protected.


We have teamed with Inman, one of the oldest and largest international repatriation and shipping service in the country, Inman Shipping Worldwide to offer cutting edge shipping products as well as technologically advanced tracking capabilities. 


+ 24/7 Staffed Call Center 

+ Online First Call

+ Guaranteed Domestic Shipping


Price of $450 always includes

  - Removal and embalming
  - Securing documents
  - Delivery to airport -within 25 miles

  - Using our shipping containers

  - Proactive monitor 

Call Us Today at (214) 931-6736

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