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Solidification Authorization

Authorization to transform cremated remains into Parting Stone TM solidified remains

Thank you for choosing the Parting Stone solidification process. We take great pride in helping you live more comfortably with the remains of your departed. Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.

What are solidified remains?

Solidified remains are the result of a specially developed post-cremation process offering a more comfortable experience for living with remains. With our solidification service, instead of keeping a box of ashes you can keep a collection of stone-like remains. Parting Stone TM solidified remains are the full amount of remains in a solid and clean form.


Is every set of solidified remains the same?

Every set of solidified remains is different. The solidification process is a precise science, but each individual set of remains has a material composition unique to the individual. The process often returns white stones, a hue of blue or green, or occasionally a radical color variation. The size of the stones in a collection range from thumb-nail up to palm-sized. The texture can also vary from batch to batch. Occasionally, a stone may crack or break during the process. All of these variabilities are natural to the process and are looked at as beautiful features of that particular individual’s remains. All stones are clean, polished, and allow for a tactile remembering experience.

What happens if I do not like my solidified remains?

We are confident that the stones will meet your expectations, but if you are not satisfied, we can reprocess your solidified remains back into an ash-like powder and return it to you. Cremated remains can vary in composition and as a result, on rare occasions, we are unable to solidify the remains. In those cases, your remains will be returned to you in an ash-like powder form.

How do I ship my loved one’s cremated remains to the Parting Stone lab?

Your funeral home will coordinate all shipments of the remains to and from the Parting Stone lab. The shipping logistics can be outlined by your
funeral director.

How much of my loved one’s cremated remains do you need?

Our process transforms the full amount of your loved one’s cremated remains into stones. If you are not in possession of the full amount, or you have already scattered some of the ashes, that is okay. We need a minimum of 1⁄4 cup of cremated remains to successfully complete the process. Our process typically yields a 1:1 ratio of cremated remains to solidified remains by volume.

Are any of my departed’s remains lost in the process?

It is our priority to maintain the full-amount of remains throughout the solidification process. Each set of remains performs slightly differently in our process and we take a scientific approach to ensure the highest possible success rate and the most beautiful material. For this reason, we may test a small sample of your decedent’s remains before solidifying the full amount. The resulting test residue guides our process, but it is not returned. Additionally, there are parts of the process that may result in the loss of trace amounts of remains including but not limited to air-born dust during production or residue loss during polishing.

Parting Stone Solidification Authorization

Okay, we are ready to start the solidification process, what do we do?

Please complete and sign the following document, acknowledging that you have read and understand Parting Stone’s solidification process.

I hereby authorize Parting Stone to transform the cremated remains of the Decedent into solidified remains “stones” in accordance with the terms and conditions described in this Solidification Authorization.

I certify that I hold full legal right and authority to control the transportation and final disposition of the cremated remains of Decedent and that the identity of the cremated remains is as stated above.

I agree that Parting Stone is not responsible for any loss or damage to cremated remains of Decedent that may occur during the transport of said cremated remains from point of origin to Parting Stone or transportation from Parting Stone to the final delivery address.

I understand that the cremated remains material varies and that Parting Stone can neither guarantee a final product nor guarantee the appearance of the final product. Additionally, I understand that a small amount of Decedent's remains may not be returned due to the nature of the process. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Parting Stone and its principals, employees, agents, and affiliates from any claims, demands or damages that may be made arising from the Parting Stone process and the product described and authorized herein. I understand and agree that Parting Stone’s solidification of the cremated remains of Decedent is a final and irrevocable act and that once complete the cremated remains will not be recoverable as the original cremated remains, but may be recoverable as solidified cremated remains.

This authorization and the agreements that it constitutes shall be considered in accordance with the laws of the State of New Mexico and any disputes arising hereunder shall be adjudicated in the State of New Mexico.

Price: $895.00

Thanks for submitting. We will be in contact soon!

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